Would You Rather: Travel Edition #6

Would You Rather: Travel Edition #6


Tour all the vineyards OR all the breweries OR all the distilleries in the world?

All of the vineyards, I much prefer wine and vineyards are outside and pretty looking.


Take a Contiki or Topdeck tour all planned out for you, with 20-something companions or travel solo and have to rely on yourself?

I enjoy tours but I would choose solo travel, I like other people there but I also like the luxury of taking time in a particular place and I am more of an independent person.

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For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country OR would you stay where your friends and family are?

I would move to another country, realistically it depends on the country and if I would also benefit from it but I wouldn’t be opposed to moving.

For a weekend getaway, stay in Airbnb OR go camping?

I love camping!

Pack too much and have to pay excess fees OR too little and risk forgetting an essential? 

Pack too much, I do that now and so I am used to it.

Be guaranteed access to heaven OR live an extra 100 years?

Live an extra 100 years. I want to see what the world will be like and I would like more time to explore the world.

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Work a minimum wage job for the rest of your life OR live in the wilderness for the rest of your life?

I guessing it means like off the grid and you rely on just what you have around you. I enjoy camping and such but I don’t think I could live in the wilderness for the rest of my life, I’m not really a bug person and although I know I’d get used to just living without certain things, I wouldn’t be able to get used to all the bugs and spiders in my personal space.

Spend the day with a thief OR a beggar?

A thief, I think it would teach me something and give me a different perspective on the kind of life that some people end  up having. Why do they turn to becoming a thief? What decisions left to this lifestyle? Is it purely for selfish reasons or because that’s the only way they know how to provide for their family?

Not be able to shower for 7 days OR not be able to brush your teeth for 3 days?

I feel like there will be other ways to cover up not showering for 7 days, like deodorant and body spray but I cannot imagine not brushing my teeth for 3 days, that would drive me insane.

For $5,000, stay overnight in a haunted insane asylum OR ride a broken wooden rollercoaster?

Stay in a haunted insane asylum, I just feel like I would have less of a chance of dying with the ghosts.

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As always, this comes from Shane over at Sea Salt Secrets!

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