Women’s March on the World | Human Rights

Women’s March on the World | Human Rights

This is a different post for this blog, but this blog is meant to show my experiences living abroad and one of the experiences I was so excited to take part in was the Women’s March. I found a sister march to the Women’s March on Washington in Seoul and I immediately changed my plans in order to take part in this event.




As a foreign, alien resident of Korea I am not allowed to take part in political protests or make political remarks in public or on any Korean public media forum. And so I made sure of my rights and what I could and couldn’t do during the march so that I wouldn’t get myself deported. If I did not make political statements, like remarks about and naming government officials in Korea or elsewhere in the world then there wouldn’t be a problem.


We didn’t think a lot of people who show up at this event. Korea is still quite a traditional society in that women and men are expected to take on different roles, which often leave the woman as the one who needs to quit her job and devote her entire existence to raising the children and cooking for the mother-in-law and if she does go back to work it is often seen as neglecting her role, she is paid much less then when she started working and people often judge her. Nevertheless, there were many Korean women and Korean men that came to the march. In fact there were way more people than we were expecting and it was amazing to see! There were at least 2,000 people that joined the march.

It was great to see such a solidarity of women and men out there and it warms my heart when I see all the signs and people elsewhere in the world, taking a stand and speaking up for their rights. If women had chosen to stay silent we wouldn’t get to vote, we wouldn’t get to have a job outside of the home, we wouldn’t have safe health care, and we wouldn’t have the right to an education. When these women worked so hard to give us these rights, I think it is the right thing to keep fighting for these rights and make sure they aren’t ever taken away.


My love and support to all those who came out to the marches, those who supported the ones  who marched, and those who are strong women, raise strong women and support strong women.

Happy Women’s March day!



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