Weekend Getaway to Busan | Explore Korea

Weekend Getaway to Busan | Explore Korea

It was both my birthday weekend and Canada Day weekend and so I got some of my friends to come away with me for a little girl’s trip down to Busan which is a wonderful, calming beachside city in the south of Korea.

I had been to Busan once before, but I didn’t really get to see the city. With the weeks of living in Korea flying by we decided to take the chance and go once more.

We went to what is known as the ‘Santorini of Korea’, a comparison to how the houses in Greece cascade down towards the sea. And while I could see that similarity, we were not met with bright white buildings with blue roofs. Instead we were met with something unique to Korea; many wonderful, bright and colourful buildings!

It was a fun little weekend touring around the city, trying a raindrop cake, which doesn’t taste like anything unless you put flavoured sauce on it. All in all it was the perfect weekend getaway and a wonderful way to spend time travelling with my friends.

Happy Travels!

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