Wandering the Streets of Melaka | Explore Malaysia

Wandering the Streets of Melaka | Explore Malaysia

Melaka has some of the most beautiful streets I have ever seen! Walking along the river you get to see the artistic design behind Melaka. It is a town full of colour and expression, whether a unique combination of colours that give you a picasso esque vibe or a beautiful mural depicting part of Malaysian culture.

The bridges along the river take you on a journey through the buildings and you can’t help but take a few pictures of each one, even if it is just a juxtaposition of colours next to each other like bright blue and yellow.

Taking a gander down some side streets and you greeted with murals painted by talented artists and old buildings that still maintain their charm.

I spent the whole morning, before my afternoon bus back to Kuala Lumpur, just wandering down street after street, losing myself in the art exhibition that is presented down ordinary streets. For me, a traveller, a visitor, it was a fascinating experience and one that I am happy to have stumbled across.


Happy Travels!

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