Vietnamese Road Trip from Hue to Hoi An | Explore Vietnam

Vietnamese Road Trip from Hue to Hoi An | Explore Vietnam

I decided to hire a private car to take me from Hue to Hoi An. Everyone told me I needed to take a motorbike and drive the route myself, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that on my own and opted for a different way instead.

Along the way I was able to see the beautiful scenery away from the cities and touristy areas I had been to already. If I wasn’t already in love with Vietnam, this trip would have been just the thing to change my mind. We passed white sand beaches, little coastal communities, and fishing boats and baskets. We drove up into the mountains and my driver stopped multiple times to let me get out, take some pictures and wander around.


My driver was very nice, I felt safe the whole time and he was great at not only sharing lots of details about his country but also answering my questions. His English was very good and he was happy to hear I was a former English teacher and asked me a bunch of language related questions. The whole trip took about four hours and I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon in Hoi An.



Stay tuned for my next blog post about the hotel I stayed in, that you just have to stay in when you go to Hoi An! It was the perfect place to relax and absorb the countryside.

Happy Travels!

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