Victoria Harbour | Explore Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour | Explore Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong’s famous skyline and rightly so. The harbour is between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula and is, of course, named after Queen Victoria. It is the third largest port in the world and a very busy place for tourists, nationals, ferries and cargo ships.


There are different places you can go to see the harbour, I recommend a day and night time viewing to get the full effect. In the day you should head up to Victoria Peak, you can climb or take a tram car up this 554m mountain to get a beautiful aerial view of the harbour, so long as the fog holds out.

At night the harbour is lit up in the Symphony of Lights which you can take in from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade along the waters edge, where you will also see a replica of a traditional ship.

If you want to get a close picture of the rainbow coloured skyscrapers you can take a Star Ferry cruise, or something that I did and that was cheaper, was just taking a normal ferry ride across the harbour. Since I had been exploring Central Hong Kong earlier in the day, I just took the ferry back instead of the metro. Also it saves you from having to book ahead of time.


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