U-do | Explore Korea

U-do | Explore Korea

U-do is a little island off of an island. When we were in Jeju-do we decided to take a day trip to U-do and see what this little island had to offer. To get there we took a bus from Jeju City to the port and hopped on a ferry. The island’s name means cow, apparently it is shaped like one.

While we were there we heard that it was common to rent scooters to travel around the island. We wanted to go to the beach so we rented the scooters, took a practice test in a parking lot and then rode all around the island. It is absolutely beautiful with its hills, rice fields, dirt roads and coastlines.

We ended up finding a beach to rest on for a couple of hours and swim in the ocean which was very warm. There is a little hill with free cabanas on top where we left our things. Korea is really safe so we weren’t worried about anyone stealing anything.

We arrived back at the dock just in time to have some of the island’s famous peanut ice cream before we caught the ferry at sunset. It was the perfect little day trip. If you have plans to go to Jeju, don’t miss U-do.


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