Travel 2018 | Explore the World

Travel 2018 | Explore the World

January is often viewed as a fresh new start to the year, the time to improve oneself, make some new life changes and add a few things to your to do list. While I don’t tend to make resolutions in January I do like to make lists. Lists of books to read and lists of places to travel to.

There are lots of magazines and online publications (YouTube videos, blogs, Instagram pages) that dedicate January to the Must Travel To lists. While it is always nice to see all the destinations that are trending at the moment, I don’t want to travel through someone else’s list.

This year my list is short, last year was a big travel year for me and this time I want to concentrate on a few key places.

First up on the list is Jamaica! I have never been to the Caribbean before and I am ready to be on a beach again. My parents decided that we would take a nice trip as a family (being reunited after two years of me living abroad) to the beautiful island of Jamaica. I hope to see and taste Jamaican culture and food, get in some beach time and of course take a dip in the ocean. We plan to visit a waterfall, go snorkeling in the crystal blue water and hopefully take a trip into Kingston. If anyone has any recommendations of places to visit in Kingston please let me know!

In March I am heading way down south to a continent I haven’t been to before: South America! I have an internship taking place in Cusco, Peru. This city looks absolutely stunning and is nestled up in the mountains (I have been warned about altitude sickness). I have been stalking instagram accounts featuring this place and already making lists of the places I want to check out in Cusco. Of course while I’m there I want to see Rainbow Mountain and Machu Picchu. Let me know if Lima is a good place to check out as well!

Since I will already be right next door, and a friend is living there, I want to make a stop in Santiago, Chile! My friend has had some pictures with some really cute Llamas and I am jealous! Living and working in Santiago is sure to help get a sense of where the locals go and so I am excited to explore this place with my friend as my tour guide.

And what kind of travel list would this be if Europe wasn’t somewhere on it? That’s right, Paris is on my wishlist for this year. I have been to Paris before, but I really want to go to this marvelous city in Autumn. I’m not really sure why but I just think that Paris will be extraordinarily pretty in the Autumn and I want to just spend my days in cafes eating pain au chocolat. Cheap, but non-sketchy places to stay in Paris will be greatly appreciated!


I told you it was short, but I’ve realized, by trying to cram so many places into a two month trip, that is is not about  how many places you can visit all in one year, but the quality of those trips and what you get out of them. With that being said, be sure to leave a comment with any recommendations and of course with your travel list for 2018!


Happy Travels!


A huge thank you to my friends who contributed some pictures for me to use in this post, check out their blogs and instagram links: (Cusco) jillianmeredithtravels and ariexpat (Santiago)

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