Tokyo Disneyland | Explore Japan

Tokyo Disneyland | Explore Japan

Here is a statement for you: Disneyland is so much fun as an adult! It probably wouldn’t have been as much fun if I had a kid with me but I didn’t, so I had the best time. I had been to Disneyland (World? whatever one is in Florida) twice as a child and I have a few memories, but I think I will remember this trip a lot more.



I found out that Tokyo has a Disneyland and I told my friend that we must go there. Also she had never been to any Disneyland or World and so this was something that had to happen.

We had so much fun! We could buy whatever we wanted without parents telling us it was too much money, we could eat at the expensive restaurants and we could go on any ride we wanted. Also we are adults who know how to be patient and so standing in line wasn’t as excruciating as it seems to a child.







We did the classics: Small World, Teacup, Robinson Family Treehouse and some of the newer rides like Haunted Mansion (which wasn’t really worth the huge line) and Pirates of the Caribbean (which was awesome!).

We bought souvenirs like Minnie Mouse ears and ate at the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant.




I had being having mixed feelings about Japan, I was feeling very overwhelmed with everything (a story for a different time), but this allowed me to relax and just have fun. We did this on our last full day in Japan and it was a great way to end the trip.



If you like Disneyland as much as I clearly do, then I recommend the Tokyo one. I have also heard from my students that it meets their approval and is better than the one in Hong Kong. I did not go to the one in Hong Kong, but I feel like if anyone is qualified to judge Disneyland’s it is children, so I’ll take their word for it.

Happy Travels!

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