The Mystical Backpacker by Hannah Papp | Book Chat

The Mystical Backpacker by Hannah Papp | Book Chat

The Mystical Backpacker is about Hannah Papp herself and her journey to discover that missing piece in her life and to gain some inner, spiritual clarity. She starts off the book with an introduction that while this is a recollection of her three month adventure through Europe, it is also a self-guide  book to experiencing your own spiritual, life affirming experience. At the end of each chapter or section she has activities to do in order to reach your own clarity about how to follow your dreams and passions.

The author herself goes through various bouts of muddled life aspirations. She experiences the one after high school and ones throughout university which lead her to move to Hungary for an exchange program and later a job. Yet while in this country she also has this feeling like there is something missing or that there is another path she needs to follow and that is when she sets off on the journey to discover it.

The journey takes her through some of Europe’s most gorgeous landscapes and even out to sea when she decides on a whim to join a boat crew instead of hopping on that scheduled train. I really enjoyed reading about her adventures and the uncalculated risks she took, this part of the book definitely gave me inspiration and courage to take some adventurous risks that deviate me from my schedule.

I really think that the exercises she has to help those on their own spiritual journey would work for someone who is wanting for a major change, who is wanting to take control of their dreams and goals and sort of leave their stable, calculated life and take an adventure. I did not participate in the exercises. I too have moments of what am I doing, what do I want to do, is now the right time, kind of questions but I already chose to not take the normal path and for the moment aspire to my travel goals. Therefore, this part of the book did not really appeal to me and I would have prefered it to have more details about her travel moments.

I enjoyed this book, I do not think I would read it again because I think the spiritual exercises take away from what I wanted to get out of the book which was travel inspiration. I did get that but not to the extent that I really wanted to. However if you are feeling like you need to partake in a series of journal writing and thought exploration then I really suggest this book. The author teaches classes on this topic and I’m sure has really powerful, helpful insight.

Happy Reading!

Let me know what you think and if you have had your own journey like this.

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