Surfing in November, Ingu-ri | Explore Korea

Surfing in November, Ingu-ri | Explore Korea

One of my friends had explored a little surfing town, called Ingu-ri which is near YangYang on the East Coast of Korea, in October and was planning on going back because she said it was an amazing place to go. She described it as this chill haven on the East Coast of Korea, where everyone walked around in wetsuits and men had long hair. She said it had the sort of surfer vibe that one thinks of, when you think of California (or at least everyone who as never been to California). I was so surprised to hear this because Korea is a very interesting society, it does not really have that chill sort of mentality. You work hard and party hard but there is not necessarily a time to chill.




So when she said she was going back, I decided to join. The four of us (we are all coworkers) decided to take an early bus out East. I had never gone surfing before, and I was really excited about the opportunity to try out something new and a little adventurous. It was November so I knew the ocean water would be quite chilly but my friend assured me that the wetsuit is to keep you warm.




On Saturday we arrived and instead of surfing, as the waves weren’t that great, we stopped by a wonderful cafe called December Coffee. The owner is so incredibly nice. We spent a lot of time there on Saturday and also Sunday morning. He had lived in Vancouver, and if are a Canadian who finds other Canadians or people who have lived in Canada you instantly form a bond with these people. He told us he had travelled to many countries and brought out journals filled with detailed, hand drawn maps of the countries he has been to and famous landmarks from those countries. It was both fascinating and inspiring to hear him talk with such a passion for travel.



Another amazing thing in this town was the restaurants. They had really great food. The first place we ate at had incredible pasta dishes that were so filling. We ate at a place called Surfdog, famous for its take on American hot dogs. We also had a delicious burger at a restaurant called The Farmer’s Market. There is a really artsy type bar called Stonefish which has couches and is a place where families seemed to gather.



There are several accommodations in this town, from pensions to dorm style hostels. We, however opted for a more unique experience and ended up staying in a trailer with an ocean view. It was called Sea of Dream (that’s right, no s) and had the most interesting decor I have ever seen. Deep purple wallpaper with a cushion type design, blue velvet curtains, a green leafy pattern on the ceiling, a black sectional with a sparkly orange design embroidered all over it, dark brown paneling in the kitchen, except for one panel which was orange for some reason.



Sunday morning we hit the waves, or rather the waves hit us, a lot. The wetsuit is quite a difficult piece of clothing to get on, and I had to have some help, I honestly don’t know how I managed to get it off. After putting our wetsuits on we headed across the street to get our surf board, which is when I was handed one twice my size as the bigger ones are reserved for those with no experience. We carried our boards to the beach and got in the water, it actually wasn’t that cold!





I had so much fun, it is a lot of work paddling and then lifting yourself up but it was an amazing experience that I would absolutely try again someday. I wasn’t able to stand but I did manage to kneel a few times and that I see as an accomplishment.

Happy Travels!


What are some activities you would like to try?


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