Sunday Afternoon in Songdo | Explore Korea

Sunday Afternoon in Songdo | Explore Korea

The weather is absolutely beautiful! It is perfect Spring weather here in Korea and as much as I want to continue to be stay at home and watch Netflix girl, I knew I had to take advantage of my limited time in Korea and the weather. I decided to go to Songdo Central Park which has lots of things around it.

To get there, take Incheon Line 1 to Central Park, when you exit you will see this gigantic tri-cultural centre which looks kind of like a spaceship.

Beyond that is a bridge which leads to Central Park Mall 1 and NC Cube, which is an outlet mall that has a really pretty canal walkway down the middle.

The Cube is separated into four season buildings, the first one is Spring and you can walk through all the way to Winter. Throughout the Cube are Korean stores like The Face Shop and Innisfree, and International Brands like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Prada…

There are also several cafes and restaurants for when you get hungry after shopping. When I went there, a huge shoe sale was happening and all the shoes were 10, 000 won, which is the equivalent of about $10 dollars. I bought three pairs of sneakers. I am not a huge sneaker person but the ones I brought with me are on their last legs and well, they were only $10.

If you are not into shopping, the Central Park is a great place to walk around, and there are bike paths along the river. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon in Incheon.


Happy Travels!


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