Sand in My Bra by Jennifer L. Leo | Book Chat

Sand in My Bra by Jennifer L. Leo | Book Chat

Sand in My Bra is a collection of short, humorous stories written by a host of women who have gone on various adventures. Journalists, bloggers, authors, and comedians all write about funny, sometimes mishap adventures they have had. There are 28 short stories and the women have travelled to a host of different countries on all continents, except Antarctica. They have encountered nuns, strange men, locals, bad situations and manage to turn them all into short tales to share.

Honestly, I enjoyed some of the stories, but I really didn’t find a lot of them to be funny. They were all filled with embarrassing moments but some of them left me a little bored rather than laughing out loud. Maybe it’s just my sense of humor but I felt like some of the short stories were a little too long. Some just weren’t written well and I wasn’t inspired at all by this book. It gets really good reviews on some book sites though so it could just be me.

Let me know in the comments below if you have read this book or others like it.

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