Sailing along the Mekong River | Explore Vietnam

Sailing along the Mekong River | Explore Vietnam

The Mekong River runs through six countries! The delta is located in southern Vietnam and I decided to sign up for a boat ride along the river. It was a very cloudy day and it was predicted to rain but I set out early in the morning to join up with my tour anyway.

First we boarded a normal sized boat to get to the other side of the river. There are three islands down in the delta and we got off on one of them to have a traditional Vietnamese lunch and relax in some hammocks before getting in a low boat and sailing down the river.


Those boats are very low and lucky for us it was smooth sailing otherwise we all would have been soaked. I am glad I signed up for this experience but it wasn’t what I was expecting, maybe it was because of the weather but I imagined multiple boats along the river, some with little markets on them selling goods. We also did not spend as much time sailing down the river as I wanted too. Well now I know for next time!


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