Paris. The city that has captured the imagination and creativity of filmmakers, authors, romance seekers and day dreamers alike. The city of lights, love and life. So many people love the city and I’m sure a great deal of people also think it is highly overrated. I am in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Paris. Is it my favourite place I have ever been? No, but I have wonderful memories of Paris and the city has so much to offer. Paris is great, it has the architecture, the history and the food that encomappses everything I love about Europe and travel in general.

The first time I went I expected to fall head over heels for the cobbled streets and Eiffel Tower views. I really enjoyed my time in this marvelous place, I fell in love with architecture and the historical ambience of everything around me, also those views are hard to beat. I got to experience it with my mom which felt like a dream come true for the both of us.

The second time I went to Paris, I was by myself, about to join a tour of the Northern French coast. I wandered through the streets as the rain poured down and tried to be a little more indulgent as a 21 year old then I was as an 18 year old, having tea and cake at a fancy cafe, purchasing a chanel lipstick, and eating a lot of macarons. I got to experience a different side to the city and explore the Latin Quarter. I also figured out how to take a bus so I could see the famous tower lit up at night.



It’s very easy to create classic and picturesque memories of Paris and have a wonderful experience. I still would love to go back there again, keep exploring new parts of the city and take in more of what makes this city so extraordinary.


Happy Travels!


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