Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur | Explore Malaysia

Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur | Explore Malaysia

On my second day in Malaysia I hopped on the metro and headed to Merdeka Square. I had actually been planning on visiting a mosque near there, but unfortunately it was under construction and so I decided to wander about the square. I took the train to Masjid Jamek station, which is also the name of the mosque that precedes Merdeka Square.

There was some sort of car show or festival happening around the area when I arrived, but I was more interested in the surrounding architecture and food.

Dataran Merdeka is the sight where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time in August, 1957 signalling the country’s independence. Around the large green square is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, several historical pictures and facts designed as though it was an outdoor exhibition, St. Mary’s Church and a wonderful I heart KL photo opportunity. Merdeka Square is also down the road from the Central Market which is wear I bought a lot of clothes.

Since I had visited a Sikh Temple earlier that day and my goal was to visit as many cultural and religious sites as I could, I decided to check a Christian one off my list and went into St. Mary’s Cathedral. I actually think I entered through the back door by accident. Luckily, even though it was Christmas, there wasn’t a service happening. The church was beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations and it reminded me of home (Korea had such a lack of Christmas decorations). I sat in the pew for a while looking at all the plaques on the wall, one of which was engraved with a memory of the Queen visiting in 1989.

After getting my fill of Christmas, I set out to the other side of the square and found an I heart KL sign that you could take pictures on. A kind tourist behind me offered to take my picture and I embraced the tourist side of things before treating myself to an ice cream as I waited for my Uber. In Malaysia Uber is amazing! Everyone warns you not to use regular taxis but to use Uber or Grab Car instead which I did.

It was a nice introduction to Malaysia and perfect ease into the culture and history of this wonderful country.


Happy Travels!

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