Man Mo Temple | Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple | Hong Kong

One of the sites countless websites recommended was Man Mo Temple. After lots of uphill walking and following many signs, we came across a temple under construction…

We were, however allowed inside the temple and, even though the scaffolding and tarps made it difficult to get a real sense of the spectacular temple we were envisioning, it was still unique to see another aspect of the culture here in Hong Kong.

Man Mo temple is a traditional Chinese Taoist temple that was built in 1847 and dedicated to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). The Temple is located on Hollywood road in Central, Hong Kong. The temple is used by local worshippers to burn incense and offer food to the gods when they practice their traditional worship.

I personally found is really interesting to see more of a traditional side to Hong Kong, where temples are integrated amongst skyscrapers and apartment buildings.

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