Jindo Sea Parting Festival | Explore Korea

Jindo Sea Parting Festival | Explore Korea

Korea has festivals all year round for everything from snow crabs to fireflies, from tea to the sea. There is plenty to do and explore in this amazing country. I was fortunate enough to have lived there for two years and got to see so much of the country. I posted last week about visiting the Green Tea Fields in April. Well the day before, Saturday, I was in Jindo, an area in southwestern Korea where a really cool phenomenon happens every year near the end of April.

For this event you need some thigh high waders, a wonderful bright orange is particularly fashionable and most definitely goes with everything! I jest, but you actually do need them as the ocean is cold and you will get wet.

This festival is called The Sea Parting Festival, and as the name suggests, the sea parts. It sounds biblical, but it is not like Moses parting the Red Sea, which is what I had imagined. As the best Korean stories start, a grandmother lived on an island filled with tigers and her family lived on another island. Once a year the sea would open so they could meet in the middle and reunite.

Of course in real life the parting depends on the moon and the sea level, and thanks to global warming it is not as spectacular as it probably was fifty years ago. However it is amazing to see such a community of people coming out and participating in the event.

We started at 5 am with torch walk, spend the day wandering the grounds, eating lots of food, watching some entertainment and at dusk we headed into the sea. While we did not make it to the other island, we did walk out pretty far in the sea and could tell that the water level was going down as we went further and further out.

It was just so cool to walk in the ocean, something one doesn’t normally do, but the fact that so many people were walking together was amazing to witness and definitely something I will remember.


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