Ice Skating Winter Fun | Explore Korea

Ice Skating Winter Fun | Explore Korea



This is my second winter here in Korea and I spent a lot of time last winter searching for a public skating rink. I finally found one this year!

At Seoul’s Grand Hyatt hotel there is an ice rink, where you can rent skates and skate around for a couple hours. At night it is light up and advertised as a romantic date spot for couples.


I haven’t been skating is a while, and I am not at all skilled at it. I mostly just shuffled around the edge trying not to knock down children.

It was a lovely winter day and it’s in a very nice area of Seoul. There is a great busy street 15 minutes away from the hotel and Itaewon is just a subway stop away.

You can reach the hotel by following the directions on this web site for Korean Tourism. However I took Seoul Line 6, exited Hanganjin Station exit 1 and asked the Tourist Information booth for directions, which are the red arrows on the map.

Happy Travels!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the season.


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