Hong Kong is the Place to Eat | Explore Hong Kong (Food Post)

Hong Kong is the Place to Eat | Explore Hong Kong (Food Post)

Warning: you will either be very hungry after reading this post or will have booked a ticket to Hong Kong just to go and eat.

If you love food than you will love Hong Kong! It is definitely a foodie place to eat, for anyone who enjoys food. From juice bars to Mexican burritos to ending the night with a fruit loop ice cream cone, it was the best three days of eating I’ve ever had. There is just so much to eat in Hong Kong, literally we (my friend and I) were planning on when we were going to eat certain foods. We would walk around, see some sights, take a couple dozen pictures and then go off in search of a particular food we had seen on Instagram and wanted to try.

Our flight into Hong Kong was an early one and so we decided to have breakfast at the airport. We jumped right into Chinese cuisine and ordered wonton soup and steamed vegetables buns. So good! Perfect way to start our trip and very filling as we were about to embark on an adventure that would have us climbing a lot of stairs.


We had some afternoon tea at this really traditional looking place near the Tian Tan Buddha. We were the only ones in there so is was nice and quiet and gave us some time to rest after exploring the Buddha and monastery.


Before our trip we had both spent time looking up cute cafe’s on Instagram that we could visit in Hong Kong. There was this really delicious dessert cafe that we found while walking around one day and decided to treat ourselves to an evening snack of a brownie ice cream sandwich. #noregrets


According to our extensive food research, it was noted that we needed to try two key items. One was called pineapple bread, which is essentially a sweet bun with a thick slab of butter in the middle. It sounds as interesting as it tastes. It was a little strange eating so much butter, and it not melting…I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t my favourite thing to eat. The second thing was an egg tart, and I needed two. These were so delicious! It is essentially as the name describes, a cooked egg in a tart pastry crust. It was really good, and I wish I got about 5.


We found this one Mexican chain restaurant and had a Sangria night with chips and guacamole, a rarity on this side of the world and went back on our last day for a burrito which was really good. It’s hard to find a lot of Mexican food here in Korea and so this nice little taste of diversity was much appreciated. Late one night, after some champagne, and a ferry ride across the Victoria Harbour, we walked past this French restaurant that had a CHEESE PLATE! If you think Mexican food is rare in Asia, it is next to impossible to find a place that sells a cheese plate. We could not pass this opportunity up, because who can really say no to wine and cheese (5 imported cheeses!)?

Of course while in Hong Kong we had to try some dimsum, which was actually harder to find then the mexican restaurant. Maybe we were just in the wrong area, but it took directions from two people, plus a confused google maps to get us to a dimsum restaurant, which was packed by the way. Probably because it was the only one anyone seemed to know about. It was worth the trip and we had a really good meal of different Chinese dishes.


Now what you have all been waiting for, a picture of that Fruit Loop ice cream cone. Yes it was as satisfying as it looks covered in marshmallow and fruit loops! I don’t even remember the last time I had fruit loops. So, so good!


I hope this post hasn’t made you too hungry, although writing it has made me super hungry and I have no food in the house. Maybe I’ll just go back to Hong Kong and eat there…I wish. Comment below on what you would try in Hong Kong, and if there is a special dish in a country you reccomend anyone to try when they go there!

Happy Travels!


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