Hello Again Hong Kong | Explore Hong Kong

Hello Again Hong Kong | Explore Hong Kong

It’s the city I never get tired of coming back too. One of my favourite places I have been and I decided to visit it once again before I left Asia for home. After spending a few days on Cheung Chau island, my friend and I headed to the vibrant city centre for some urban vibes and a chance to revisit our favourite spots we found the last time we were here.

Our first stop was to an ice cream shop with the best ice cream cones! I am not usually an ice cream cone gal, but for one that’s dipped in fruit loops and marshmallows I make the exception, not to mention there was an option of cookie dough ice cream, a rarity in Asia.

We were in the centre for about a day and a half and spent the time wandering through the streets, doing a bit of shopping and mostly finding places to eat.

Our hotel also kindly upgraded us and the views from our room was amazing! We spent the next morning being a little lazy in our room before our flight later that evening.

It was so nice to revisit Hong Kong and I hope to be back again someday.

Happy Travels!

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