Farewell Korea | Explore Korea

Farewell Korea | Explore Korea

Two years. They have been completely filled with memories that I cherish and experiences I have learned from. I remember when I got the idea into my head to take off for a year and teach english in Korea. I constantly saw advertisements about it and read blog posts of other people doing it. One day I signed up for the TEFL class and the next thing I knew I was sending my resume off to Japan, China, Korea and Morocco. While I was itching for Morocco, it wasn’t the right time and then it was between China and Korea. I think you can guess the outcome of the decision.

I moved across the ocean, to a place I had never been, with no one. I was alone and it was both exhilarating and terrifying. Luckily I came to a place full of friendly people. I worked at a place and made great friends and travel buddies.

I got to explore this wonderful country from coast to coast and way up North to way down South. I learned more about this part of the world than any book or lecture could have told me. I saw things with my own eyes; an isolated country, an anti-presidential protest, a sea parting, a colourful beach. I ate new food, some of which I never ate again, most of which I am currently craving.

Korea is a beautiful country. Coming from Canada, I know a thing or two about a beautiful landscape of nature, and Korea, well it’s a pretty close match. From mountains to beaches, Korea has it all. You can go surfing and then climb a mountain, head to the green tea plantation and then chill on a beach. Hop on a bus or a train and see rice fields and then tall cities.

Thank you Korea! I will miss you, I’m not sure when or if I’ll be back but I won’t ever forget my life here.


Happy Travels!

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