Exploring Leuven: Home For Two Weeks

Exploring Leuven: Home For Two Weeks

Belgium is a very pretty country and has a lot of history. Belgium has constantly been a battleground during many, if not all of the major European Wars. As a history lover I was happy to be in the country and just get taken in by all the history. History is why I am in awe with Europe. It is amazing to me to walk down a cobbled stone street that has been there for hundreds of years.

I find Belgium to be a very easy country to travel. The train system is simple and most people speak English or at least understand it. Once you know what IC (inter-city; or something like this, the actual words are in Flemish) stands for and the other acronyms it is easy to pick your train. If you are trying to get to a town that is about 15 minutes away by train you may want to avoid the trains that have an “L” next to them since they are local trains and will stop at every stop.


If you plan on traveling by train a lot within Belgium I recommend getting something called a Go Pass (again, I do not know the Flemish equivalent, but as mentioned the majority of people speak/understand English). The Go Pass has 10 trips on it and you simply write in where you are departing from, where you are going, and the date.

I also found that Belgium was a relatively inexpensive country to travel in, especially in comparison to other Western European countries. The currency used is the Euro, but I found that the tax was already incorporated into the price on the menu or price tag so what you see is what you pay and you weren’t surprised when there was a 21% sales tax added to the price (I’m looking at you France).

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