Exploring Hoi An Ancient Town | Explore Vietnam

Exploring Hoi An Ancient Town | Explore Vietnam

It is easy to see why the Ancient Town in Hoi An is the main attraction. When you first walk in you are greeted with bright, welcoming yellow walls that house boutique shops, endless cafes and coffee inside. If you were in the market for some Vietnamese coffee this would be the place to shop, there are plenty of stores and cafes that sell various types of coffee including weasel poop coffee for the connoisseurs who are up for anything.


There are also lovely art shops and craft stores displaying works from local artists. Before you wander too far be sure to stop by the tourist information service and buy yourself a pack of tickets. These are needed to cross the Japanese Bridge, see temples and other attractions in the ancient town. It costs about $6 and can be used for three days.



Further down the main path is the famous Japanese covered bridge from the 16th century. Crossing the bridge will take you past some of the ancient confucius temples scattered throughout the town, there are a lot so make sure to research and choose which ones are at the top of your list in order to use your tickets wisely.

After you cross the bridge there will be a side street on your right, walking down here will take you to some amazing restaurants. First is a vegan place offering traditional and western dishes. Further down is a place called Rosie’s Cafe which you must visit! It had some of the best food and it was such a calm and relaxing place. I went there during rainy season and halfway through breakfast it started to downpour! Luckily I had a book and was able to sit back, relax, read and wait it out.

Hoi An was one of my favourite places in Vietnam and I hope to be back one day. Be sure to add this charming place to your Vietnam itinerary!

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