Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto | Explore Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto | Explore Japan

One of my travel goals for this year was to go to Japan and experience a Cherry Blossom Festival. Checking the dates before hand and planning which city to see the beautiful sakura in, April seemed like the best month to go.

After flying into Osaka, we boarded the train to Kyoto, a ticket buying experience that was a tad confusing. We stayed at an Airbnb that was really close to the metro and a fifteen minute walk from one of the sakura sights Maruyama Park. Walking through Kyoto we could see that there was no shortage of sakura trees and around every corner a new photo opportunity struck us.

It was quite a rainy day on Saturday, but after purchasing giant umbrellas from a convenience store we were ready to take it all in. We ate the most delicious ramen I have ever had and we also stumbled upon a wine and cheese bar where we relaxed after a day of walking around.

The next day we stopped by the Nishki Market and the Fushimi Inari Shrine before heading back to Korea. Stay tuned for that post.

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