Cheonjiyeon and Jeongbang Falls, Jejudo | Explore Korea

Cheonjiyeon and Jeongbang Falls, Jejudo | Explore Korea

If you live in Korea and need a vacation I highly suggest going where the locals go and that is Jeju. It is the perfect place to go and relax. It has the best of everything, small cities, beaches, ocean views, nature, mountains, volcanic caves and food.

Yes Jeju-do has it all and it is a beautiful place to visit. When we arrived we checked into our hostel in Seogwipo which is a city on the Southern side of the island. Our first mission was to find the waterfalls we had stalked on Instagram in the weeks leading up to our trip. We tried the day we got there to find Cheonjiyeon Falls, which according to all the maps we looked at (digital and paper) was supposed to be right next to our hostel. We tried, walked back and forth through a park and while we could hear it, we could not find it or understand the way the signs were pointing.

The next day we were still determined and we decided to try again, this time we were successful and made our way through a sub-topical evergreen forest and found the waterfall we had been chasing. The legend of these falls (because all good waterfalls have a legend) is that a dragon lived in the basin and in times of famine the local tribe would pray for rain at this waterfall and have their prayers answered.

In addition to the dragon at the basin of the waterfall there is a bridge that honours the desires of marital harmony, sound body and mind and a successful life when you throw a coin onto a statue of a duck, a carp and a turtle.

The next waterfall we were determined to find was Jeongbang Falls. This waterfall is the only one in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. While it took a long, hot walk to get there, we were not disappointed with the spectacular views.

At the top of the path leading to the waterfall there is an observatory and little shops selling souvenirs and Hallabong 한라봉 (sweet oranges that the island is famous for) refreshments. It is what this island is known for and on our way back we saw people checking crates of these oranges onto the plane.

You are even able to walk right up to the falls and climb as high as you can on the rocks till you can feel the welcomed mist. These were amazing to see and yes there was a moment (or two) where we were singing TLC Chasing Waterfalls, because we are super cheesy people. If you are ever on Jeju, these two natural wonders should be on your list of things to see, as well as a cup of Hallabong juice. Trust me it’s delicious!


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What are some magnificent waterfalls you have seen? Are there any on your bucket list?


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