Boseong Green Tea Fields | Explore Korea

Boseong Green Tea Fields | Explore Korea

Before I left Korea I really wanted to visit the Green Tea Fields, because, as an avid tea drinker, they were definitely on my list of things to see. I looked online for a weekend trip through one of the many Korean tour companies. I asked some friends and they jumped on board to go wander through tea fields with me.

Friday night after work (I worked until 9pm) my friends and I caught a bus to head down to Jindo, an area where we also experienced something pretty spectacular. Stay tuned for that post! For now, let’s skip ahead to Sunday morning when we headed to the tea fields.

Boseong is the largest producer of tea in Korea and often holds lots of events to get tourists involved in the tea making process and to celebrate the wonderful tea.


Our day started with a trip to the fields themselves, terraced up lush green hills, these fields provided the perfect backdrop for cute pictures. My friend and I played photographer for each other and then headed down to get some green tea ice cream (very delicious) and to wander quickly through a mini bamboo forest.

After, we jumped back on the bus to go to the plantation. This is where they pick and process the tea. We went to one owned by a family for many generations. We were assigned teams and then started picking the tea leaves. Once we were done, we were brought into the processing room. In this room they boil the leaves in hot water, then they need to dry the leaves and so the leaves are placed into these very hot large bowls. To keep the leaves from burning you need to constantly repeat a process of pressing and turning. The leaves are again boiled and the same process is repeated up to seven times!

After, the leaves are put on a table lined with a cloth where they are again pressed, squeezed and turned over 100 times. Who knew making tea was such a process!

After that wonderful, albeit tiring experience we were treated to a tea sampling where we were given green and black tea to try. After learning about that process, my appreciation for that tea had grown.

It was a wonderful, beautiful day to spend in the tea fields. I went at the end of April, where the fields are super green and the weather is not scorching hot.

Happy Travels!

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