My other passion is reading. I have always enjoyed reading books that could teach me something. It could have been about a specific historical period, a biography, an event or just a place in the world. I decided to create this bookshelf for those who also enjoy learning about the world that we travel across and I hope you will find something you enjoy. I have broken them down into two categories: Conversation Bookshelf and Wanderlust Reads.

Conversation Bookshelf will feature books that are meant to spark conversations with people or just with yourself. These books are meant to teach you something about a place in the world, an event, a group of people or a human rights issue.

Wanderlust Reads will feature travel memoirs. I hope to offer a wide variety of female authors from different backgrounds who travel to different places and experience new things. I hope that these will spark wanderlust for those needing some travel inspiration and maybe even offer a few tips about the destination.

I hope you find something you enjoy!

Happy Reading!