Book Chat | The Sweetness of Tears by Nafisa Haji

Book Chat | The Sweetness of Tears by Nafisa Haji

I bought this book for two reasons: one the cover and two because the main character is named Jo March and since Little Women is my favourite book I thought no book with the main character called such a name can be terrible. To my surprise I fell in love with this book. I never expected to hate it but I felt like I would enjoy it and it would be a one time read sort of book. I read half of this book in one day, it captured me and the story is beautiful.

Jo March lives in a very Christian family. Her mother runs a Christian summer camp and her grandmother is a missionary. She grew up with a mother who was always in one place and a grandmother who brought the world to her and made her aware of things outside of her Evangelical world. The community she lives in, or starts out in as a child and teenager is not described as a diverse place in terms of both religion and race.

In high school Jo discovers a secret about her family that forever changed her relationship with her mother and also changed herself identity. She left the community and went away for college and eventually a job which allowed her to connect to other people, places and cultures. She went on a journey of exploration, about her family, her faith and herself identity.

This story was beautifully written and I was so very much in this book. I never wanted this story to end and I was constantly amazed by the next turn or discovery that happened. By just reading the cover I never expected the events in this story to happen.

Jo is such a fascinating character and I really liked the way she evolved and pushed herself out of the comforts of what she had always known. Her journey takes her to Pakistan and Iraq, for reasons you will have to read and find out but it is an amazing adventure and one that really touched me. The chapters alternate between Jo and the people in her life like her mother and other characters she meets along her journeys. I think the author has an incredible way of writing and I would like to discover more of her novels.


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