Bedouin Camp Experience | Explore Jordan

Bedouin Camp Experience | Explore Jordan

While I was in Israel, I booked a tour with Abraham Tours, a tour group associated with Abraham Hostels which was where I was staying while in Jerusalem. I booked several tours through them and had a great experience on each of them. This one was the 2 day Petra Tour to Jordan.

Crossing the border into Jordan wasn’t intense (the way back however…), one thing to note is that you should ask the guard to stamp a piece of paper separate from your passport, something which I did not think to do. Some countries do not allow you to enter if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport and I know I do not like being limited on my choices of countries to travel to.

The tour starts off in Amman and then you arrive at the Bedouin camp in the evening. They serve you a traditional dinner and you are assigned to tents for the night. All over the hills were lights and it was such a beautiful sight to see. In the centre of the camp, outside the dining area there is a large circular couch like area with a fire pit in the middle. Around the outside of the common area are long, narrow tents with benches topped with traditional rugs and pillows. People and kittens relax on these during the day, appreciating the shelter from the sun.


While I know this is not an actual day in the life of a Bedouin, it was still a cool experience to sleep out there in the middle of the desert, something that I had come to enjoy by that point in my trip. After a good breakfast we headed on the road to Petra which will be in the next post.

Happy Travels!

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