Batu Caves and Little India | Explore Malaysia

Batu Caves and Little India | Explore Malaysia

While in Malaysia I wanted to explore all the different aspects of Malaysian culture. I wanted to be sure to see and learn about each culture that blended to make the Malaysian culture so unique. This included visiting specific religious sites. As I was on my own I booked a few different tours to help me get to the places I wanted to go since this was sort of my first solo trip. One of the tours I booked was for Batu Caves. In hindsight I should not have booked this tour, the price was way too high for what the tour offered and I could have easily gotten there on my own through public transportation.

Oh well, you live and learn and I am still happy I went here even if it was full of monkeys which scare me a little, especially if it looks like they are coming towards me specifically. Batu Caves is a Hindu Temple. You will see throughout Malaysia a big influence of Indian culture and tradition and so I wanted to spend sometime learning a bit more about this religion and culture.

In front of the cave is a tall, gold statue of the Hindu deity Murugan, the god of war from the Kaumaram sect. It is so impressive to see, I spent a few minutes just standing in front of it, taking it all in.

While there are three different caves to explore, I just chose to do the Temple Cave which is admission free. Walking up the 272 stairs leads you to a cool, dark cave with small Hindu statues and temple structures inside. At the back of the 400 million years old limestone cave, light illuminates the monkeys and statues through a skylight.

After the tour of the cave, our guide drove us to Brickfields or Little India, a section of Kuala Lumpur where we saw some other cultural sites like this gate which is at the entrance to this neighbourhood. According to a friend of mine, this gate represents a gate in Sanchi, India which is connected to Buddhism.

I really enjoyed exploring this part of Malaysian history and culture. This is the first post in my Malaysia series so be sure to stay tuned for most posts on this amazing adventure.

Happy Travels!

Is there a country you traveled to where you made it a goal to learn more about the culture? Where did you go and what did you learn there?

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