Autumn Apple Adventures | Explore Korea

Autumn Apple Adventures | Explore Korea

Autumn in Korea,  comes with all the delights, including a pumpkin flavoured treat (no, not a PSL). Korea is an amazing place for fall, especially if you live near the mountains. You can look outside your window and see the orange and yellow covered mountains and maybe even go for a hike through the crunchy, coloured leaves. Some of my friends and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and go off in search of apples. We really wanted to go apple picking, since most of us used to do that when we were home with our family and friends. Our first stop was Daegu. We were headed there to visit a Harry Potter themed cafe, and decided to go to the Daegu Apple Complex. It sounded promising  and that there would be apples to pick…

So we took a long taxi ride to the complex and the taxi driver was questioning why we wanted to go there, he was very confused and for a good reason. He dropped us off in the middle of the country surrounded by privately owned apple orchards. Definitely not the kind for tourists to pick apples at. We laughed at our mistake and happened upon a family who let us each pick an apple, which just shows you the kindness of Koreans.

We walked around and came across an old house and temple complex, which was again privately owned, but the family let us walk around and take pictures. After that we decided it was best to start heading back into town as it would be dark in a few hours, we didn’t realize we had gone very far away from town however. So as we were walking, not really sure we were walking in the right direction, a car pulled up beside us. A Korean man who was visiting from New Zealand asked if we needed a ride and when we climbed in he said he was driving past us and was sure we “90 percent needed help”. Once again the kindness of strangers and the joy of having a misadventure which was still pretty fun.

The second time we tried to go apple picking was successful and we ended up going to an Apple Winery and Orchard in Yesan. We made little apple pies and picked apples. We listened to local bands, danced along to songs we knew and drank a lot of apple wine (we had 5 free drink tickets each).

We also got to visit Sudok-sa Temple which is up in the mountains and so we could fully take in all the Autumn colours and breathe in fresh autumn air.

I’m a little sad I won’t be spending another Autumn in Korea, but maybe my next home will also have beautiful seasons to enjoy.


Happy Travels!


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