Antique Market Street in Central| Explore Hong Kong

Antique Market Street in Central| Explore Hong Kong

While wandering around Central, Hong Kong, we came across a couple wonderful criss-crossed streets of antique shops, and vendor stalls. It was a welcomed shopping experience that differed from the night markets we had wandered through the nights before.

Throughout the shops and stalls, and some blankets on the ground with various knickknacks strewn across them, was an assortment of pottery, rusted locks, books of quotes from Mao in multiple languages, some Bruce Lee posters, some bright red Communist posters (we’re in China after all), little animals carved out of jade or ivory and some jewelry.

It was so quiet on these streets, and at times we were the only people perusing the goods, looking for unique items to purchase and occasionally strolling into artsy shops to look at handmade satchels and stationary.

This was one of my favourite moments of Hong Kong, because you got a good taste, not only of Hong Kong’s history between China and England, but also got a reminder that Communism is not a scary, dark word here, but a big part of life and history.


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What are some places you have come across when travelling?

Any antique markets in other countries that you would recommend? 


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