Ancient City of Petra | Explore Jordan

Ancient City of Petra | Explore Jordan

A marvel of Jordanian history. It had to be seen. I am happy I did not leave the Middle East without seeing this. I know it is touristy, but it still leaves you in awe, regardless if you are surrounded by tourists wearing the traditional bedouin headscarf and riding decorated camels. This archeological site surpasses all that and it is something that should not be missed when visiting Jordan.

The Nabataeans, a nomadic Arab tribe,  are who built this city. They lived in the caves that are still carved out of the sand mountains on the slope of Mount Hor. There are different sites to see as you walk through a carved out valley.

The tour I was on, only took us to the famous treasury. I was on my own and a group of four Norwegian girls adopted me and an American and convinced us to trek an additional 40 minutes and then climb a cliff to see the monastery. I am forever grateful that I left the rest of the tour behind and followed these girls to the cliff that provided a spectacular view of the monastery as well as the surrounding landscape, where mountains stretched on for miles under clear blue skies. Seriously, there was not a cloud in sight.

Here’s to adventurous moments!

Happy Travels!

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