All I Saw Was The Train Station: Antwerp

All I Saw Was The Train Station: Antwerp

            “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls”– Anais Nin


I did not get to see much of Antwerp. We are only in the city for an hour or two and after eating dinner I did not really feel like exploring the city as it was very cold. So my friends and I decided to wait for the rest of the group, who were going to the museum, in the train station. I am glad we did! The station is beautiful and we were able to sit, relax and people watch for a bit. Not to mention take funny pictures on the staircase. 


While I need to visit Antwerp again and actually do some exploring, I was grateful for the shelter from the cold and a little time to relax and process (also people watch).

Happy Travels!



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