Hello everyone! I am Kayla, I am the girl behind this blog. I am currently 24, and I  graduated university where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Development Studies. I concentrated in Middle East and Islamic studies and Languages; I took beginner classes in German and Arabic. What do I plan to do with this degree? I have no idea. Okay that is a lie, I have some sort of plan but nothing is concrete and I am forever changing my mind. Currently I am planning on learning more about the world, its people, their cultures and languages.

I have recently made a Facebook page for this blog, where I post the recent trips I have been on as well as some memories from my favourite adventures.

I love to bake, my instagram is always filled with food pictures. I also enjoy reading (this will become obvious as you peruse this blog), black and white photos, staring at maps, making lists of places to see, dancing with my cat and drinking copious amounts of tea (I think I am about 90% tea).

I have lived in South Korea, where I taught English at a Hagwon for two years.

I am now trying to figure out my next adventure, posts about my two month trip in Southeast Asia will be coming soon. Planning to be in Jamaica February 2018 and then Peru in March of 2018.

What else is there to know about me? I love books that teach me something about other places in the world. I am obsessed with cats of instagram and cat videos, I love the smell of old books (and just books in general) and I tend to by most things that are Jane Austen related.

Andi on Misadventures with Andi asked me in an interview: What is travel to you in 10 words or less? My reply: Travel is love of people, culture, food, and the world.

What would you say?

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Contact Information:
If you wish to contact me for anything please use the little social media icons on your right or you can contact me through my email: kaylakiteley@gmail.com


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