A Day Trip to Macau | Explore Macau

A Day Trip to Macau | Explore Macau

Since we were back in Hong Kong, my friend Briana and I decided to take advantage of the close proximity to Macau. It is another Chinese territory and we didn’t need a visa to visit so we thought it was the perfect spot for a day trip. We went back to the pier, this time in search of a ferry to take us to Macau. Once we arrived we took one of the free shuttles hotels offer.

We decided to explore Taipa island first (Macau is made up of two islands) which was heavily influenced by the Portuguese.

When walking through the streets, you felt like you were in Europe, rather than an island south of China. Macau was actually a Portuguese colony until 1999 and so the architecture is a prevalent feature in Macau.

The next island, Coloane, we went to is nicknamed the “Las Vegas of Asia” for its hotels like the Parisian, MGM Grand and the Venetian that seem to be replicates of their originals in Las Vegas, USA. Still in that European mindset we decided to check out the Parisian and Venetian hotels which were connected by bridges and canals. We also really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

Happy Travels!

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