A Canal Ride Through Brugge

A Canal Ride Through Brugge

We got to spend a day in Brugge, which is a city I would really love to go back to and spend more than a day there. It is the famous medieval city in Belgium, where buildings are older, countless chocolatiers line the street, vendors set up in the square and where transportation via canals still exists.

It is also a town with two names, or rather two different pronunciations of the same name. Since Belgium is a country mixed with Dutch and French and Flemish, the name depends on which language you speak. If you are pronouncing it in French you would make a soft ‘g’ sound, however in Dutch it is a hard ‘g’ sound. Just a little fun fact for you!
While stuffing ourselves with chocolate and strawberries dipped in chocolate was fun and delicious, we also decided that the best way to see the city in such a short amount of time was to hop on board a canal cruise.
From this cruise you are able to get a great view of the contrasts in architecture. From new restaurants built along the canal to old churches, the canals bear witness to it all. You can see how houses are right against the bank (sometimes with an overhang) and how doors and windows open right up to the canal as if there was a boat waiting for the dweller of such homes to board.
What are somethings you recommend seeing and doing in Brugge? I need to make a list for when I go back!
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