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A Parisian Night: Latin Quarter

Before embarking on our tour, we had one more night in Paris. I discovered new loves for the city, like that ice cream car and the Late Quarter. I made a mental note to explore this area more, the next time I find myself in Paris. I also made a note to eat more cheese plates because they are amazing!

A Rainy Day in Paris

After I completed the 2 week program I decided to stay an extra week and go with Cosmos Tour Groups on an adventure in Northern France! ! I had planned, when I arrived in Paris, to spend the whole day exploring but since I was up at 5am, by the time I got to Paris I was very tired and decided to take a nice nap in my hotel room. After the tour group meeting I ventured a little down the road…

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Walking My Way Through The Streets of Paris and Climbing Up The Eiffel Tower| Explore Paris

                If you are going to be traveling around a major city like Paris or London I recommend getting a Metro (Paris) or Oyster (London) Card. It is significantly cheaper and easy to use once you’ve been on it a couple of times. Another option is the hop on/hop off bus, which brings you around to all these places and when you want to you just get off and then catch the next bus when you…

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Discovering My Love of Mesopotamia Art at the Louvre| Explore Paris

                  The Louvre is a very large museum, with many exhibits and floors of art and sculptures. I went to most of the exhibits, after all it was my first time in the Louvre and I wanted to experience all of it. After walking to the Louvre from the hotel (about a 30 minute walk) I waited in a very long line, in the rain. Luckily I brought an umbrella and it wasn’t raining…

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Arriving in Paris and Staying at Hôtel Peyris Opéra| Explore Paris

We took the Eurostar from Rotterdam to Paris Nord. That train was crowded! Which I think it normally is, especially in July.  Even though there was assigned seating, people just sat wherever they wanted. However I did not stay sitting for long. An announcement came on to tell us that at the stops, people may come on and seal our bags. This was enough to instill panic in me. I did not want to lose our luggage so whenever the train was coming…

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Travel 2018 | Explore the World

January is often viewed as a fresh new start to the year, the time to improve oneself, make some new life changes and add a few things to your to do list. While I don’t tend to make resolutions in January I do like to make lists. Lists of books to read and lists of places to travel to. There are lots of magazines and online publications (YouTube videos, blogs, Instagram pages) that dedicate January to the Must Travel To…

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2018 Travel Reads | Wanderlust Inspiration

I really enjoyed concentrating on reading a list of travel memoirs last year, that I decided to do the same again this year. This time I am going to choose some new books I haven’t read yet and reread some old favourites to see how my opinion has changed and to see if they spark a new interest in that area of the world. Here is the list for 2018…

A Day Trip to Macau | Explore Macau

Since we were back in Hong Kong, my friend Briana and I decided to take advantage of the close proximity to Macau. It is another Chinese territory and we didn’t need a visa to visit so we thought it was the perfect spot for a day trip. We went back to the pier, this time in search of a ferry to take us to Macau. Once we arrived we took one of the free shuttles hotels offer.