2017 Travel Reads | Wanderlust Inspiration

2017 Travel Reads | Wanderlust Inspiration

It has been a while since I have posted anything book related, and while I see this blog as primarily a place to promote adventure out in the world I also know that a big part of my inspiration to travel comes from the worlds in the books that I read. I often like to bring along a travel memoir type book when I am on an adventure of my own. It’s really exciting for me to read about a woman or group of friends travelling the globe while I am on a plane, or train, or boat headed to my next destination.


I have picked up a few books that I am very excited to read this year and they are all about women who are travelling to various destinations. As a woman myself, and one who is discovering the joys and sometimes pitfalls of solo travel, I really try and pick up books that have this as a theme. I have also tried to include a variety in my selection. I have various settings, from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, Greece to India and Europe to Indonesia. I have also tried to include a variety of women, those who travel for love, for a sense of self, to reconnect with past adventures, to experience new places and, I am really excited to read, a book about a Muslim woman who travels which is not something I read a lot about! Without further ado, here are six travel-esque books I plan to read throughout this year.



Sand in My Bra–Various Authors

This book is a collection of short stories written by women who are journalists, authors, bloggers, tv personalities, and comedians. They are written as humorous stories full of misadventures, strange people, embarrassing incidents and all the other little moments that happen when you are a woman on the road, or in the air.  The women who write the stories have travelled across the world, from Mexico to Abu Dhabi, Zambia to Nepal and everywhere in between. There are 28 short stories to give you inspiration of places to travel to and maybe even advice on what not to do when you get there.

Holy Cow–Sarah Macdonald

This woman travelled from Australia to India and then back to Australia determined never to set foot in  India again, despite what the fortune teller at the airport told her. Eleven years after her not so great trip  she is moving to New Delhi, reportedly one of the most polluted places in the world, to be with her boyfriend. Talk about commitment.  This book starts you off at the end of the terrible trip Sarah took in her twenties and  then brings you to a woman who is trying to keep her relationship and sanity together as she tries to figure out how to live in a country she did not like travelling through several years earlier.  She is also a self described atheist who is also trying to figure out the relationship between all the intersecting religions in this very large country. She does not seem like the kind that will hold back her thoughts and so I’m sure this will be an interesting account of her daily life in India and hopefully a look at the wonderful people that live in the country.

All Strangers Are Kin–Zora O’Neill

As a student in university Zora studied the beautiful language of Arabic and even lived in Egypt in the 1990’s. She graduated, moved to New York and over time stopped using the language as much as she used to. In 2011 she decided it was time to reconnect with the language and the culture of the countries that spoke it and set off on an adventure through the Middle East. She starts off back in Egypt where she used to live and enrolls in language classes. She then travels through the Arabian Peninsula, Morocco, and Lebanon learning the differences in culture and the Arabic language that exists between these countries. As someone who has travelled in the Middle East and has plans to go back I am beyond excited to read about a woman who travels by herself throughout these countries.

A Call to Travel–Rumaizah Abu Bakar

Rumaizah Abu Bakar is a Malaysian author who has written several works of poetry. I bought this book while travelling in Malaysia at a bookstore called Silverfish which is an indie bookstore and publisher. The author has several degrees, has had various jobs and has written works of poetry and other short travel stories. She wrote this book about her journeys through Turkey in 2009, Saudi Arabia in 2006 and Indonesia in 2011. I am diving into this book a little blind as I have no real synopsis to go off of. The idea around this book, in that it is a Muslim woman travelling, intrigued me. This is not something that is really promoted in western society or in mainstream Travel Read guides and I think that those outlets need to have more diversity in their suggestions. This is what we need to read more of and I am happy to promote this message.

The Mystical Backpacker–Hannah Papp

She had a job, a life, a home, but yet something wasn’t right. There was no direction, there was no inspiration, it was just a mundane, day to day existence and she wanted to change that. Hannah Papp quit her job, she packed a suitcase and headed off on a spiritual quest/three-month journey across Europe. We’ve all had these moments and sometimes we take hold of them and sometimes we let them pass. For Hannah though she wanted, needed change and decided to write about her self-discovery and world discovery in a memoir type guide book, to help others who may have had the same somewhat suffocating feeling that you just need to get out, see something, and also discover something meaningful.

Falling in Honey–Jennifer Barclay

You know when you go on a trip and you just love the place so much you tell yourself that you are going to move there one day and live in that beautiful place? Well that is how Jennifer Barclay feels about the beautiful islands of Greece. After the end of a relationship Jennifer decides to take a hiatus on romantic relationships, not spend so much time at work, take a little more time for herself, and also take a vacation to those Greek islands she loves so much. When she arrives on Tilos she seriously thinks about uprooting the life that she knows and moving to the little island for the rest of her life. I mean that sounds pretty good to me. I can’t wait to read this book and imagine the beautiful island, maybe it will inspire me to move to an island and live there, it’s not the worst idea in the world.

Well what do you think? Have you read any of these books? If you have others that you think I might enjoy let me know in the comments, I always love buying new books to read!

Happy Reading!

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